There is a pretty good phobia around online websites, but it is not entirely based on unfounded claims. The general mistrust of online buying coupled with reports of buyers being scammed in online purchases makes for a potent mix of distrust towards online shops. Due to this online jewelry shops come under much more scrutiny. But there are some ways through which you and your partner can navigate the maze of online jewelry shopping safely:

how to buy couples ring online

Follow those tips to buy couples ring online and get the perfect love gift

Reputation: Ask around online or offline, whether the online shop you are thinking of buying from has a good reputation and can be trusted or not. Market reputation is something which matters to both online as well as offline shops, so ask around. We recommend you come to our URCOCO online store to find more couples rings and other jewelry and we can provide with the cheap price & high quality of jewelry to you.

Check for hallmark: The BIS hallmark is something which should be checked while buying gold or silver jewelry as it is a mark that the item is as per the specifications of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Be careful regarding gemstones and diamonds: Diamonds are one of the most common things to be faked, especially since the hallmark of diamonds is still not fully used or well-known and even though there are plenty of online videos which will tell you how to check if the diamond is fake or not, the advice will still be to buy diamonds from offline physical stores. Regarding gemstones, the matter is more serious since they don't have hallmarks of any kind and so can be easily faked. As always, buy them from a trusted and reputed jeweler.

Size: It's difficult to gauge whether the size shown on screen will fit you perfectly or not (chances are that it won't) even with a size chart displayed beside it. So be careful while choosing the ring size.

Customization: Jewelry bought online will be difficult to be customized in regards to the ring or bracelet size. In a physical shop, you can simply contact the attendant and tell him what size you want after checking it from the size models on hand. Online shops regretfully don't have such ease of customization yet and even if some shops do offer such services, it will be a long process which will be filled with returns.

Magnified: 'Things displayed on the mirror are closer than what they appear' is a common quote on car side view mirrors and regarding online stores as well, the things on display are often magnified. This distorts the original size and makes it difficult to actually gauge the real size of the ring. So be wary of that. Check to see if there is a video of someone holding the ring so that it can be seen in its original size.

Check the details: A ring or Jewelry is bound to have some detail or the other. Check and make note of it so that if something else is delivered then you can immediately ask for a refund.

While all this may seem overall negative but its always better to err on the side of caution. Be cautious and check carefully what you are buying.