It is a known fact that couple rings, wedding rings or promise rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. But how many of you actually know the reason behind this? Why is it worn only on the fourth finger and not on any other finger? Have you ever given it a thought? Well, the thing is that there is a vein within the fourth finger that directly runs straight to the heart. Since promise rings or couple rings is a mark of love, it is worn on the finger that has a direct link to your heart. Having said that have you ever thought that from where did the idea of wearing couple or promise rings came into existence or from did it originated? To know the answers to more such questions you need to go through this article thoroughly.

Everything You Need To Know About Promise Rings

What Is A Promise Ring?

Before we move on to any further details or facts about promise rings, let us first know what a promise ring is. Well, promise rings are very much different from a wedding ring. Weddings rings are worn when a couple gets married whereas a promise ring is worn by a couple in order to celebrate their love and affection for each other. The promise ring bears the symbol of their devotion and commitment towards each other. A promise ring is mainly worn by an unmarried couple, however, even promise rings are also exchanged between really close friends as well. Therefore, promise rings are not restricted to only the couples because even a friend can give to another friend in order to celebrate their bond of friendship. When a couple exchange promise rings before marriage it mainly means that they want to be together forever.

The Origin of Promise Rings

If you are wearing a promise ring then might as well know about its origin as well. You may think that the concept of promise rings is a recent development but in reality, it has been there in practice since 1576. Back in those days, the promise rings were known as posy rings which mainly originated in England during the 16th century. The rings were named as posy rings because of the fact that lines from poems or short messages were engraved on the rings. Even the gemstones that were used in the rings were meant to express a message. Like for example, gemstones such as opal, emerald, lapis, and verdelite meant to love. In today’s time promise rings even come with the partner’s name engraved on it. These are called customized promise rings and therefore, you can get the name of your partner engraved on the promise ring.

The concept of promise rings is an interesting one. This is because not only couples but even two closed people like friends can also exchange promise rings between each other. A promise ring is a sign of love, affection, care, commitment and devotion towards your partner.