A couple of rings which are also known as a promise ring is known to have many different meanings. A couple rings are very much different from a wedding ring. That’s because a wedding ring is worn by a couple when they get married whereas a couple ring is mainly worn by an unmarried couple. Couple rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry that mark the relationship between a couple and the bond between friendships. Thus, it can be said that a couple ring symbolizes the two main relationships that exist between two humans. In order to know the true meanings of a couple or a promise ring, you need to first know the different meanings that it has.

The Different Meanings of A Couple Rings

The True Meaning of A Couple Ring

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Depending on the type of couple or promise ring or how or on which occasion it has been given, it may convey several meanings. However, a couple of rings are mainly known to symbolize the following:

Friendship: Since a couple rings are different from wedding rings, they are even exchanged between friends in order to celebrate their bond. In friendship, a couple rings mainly to mark the love and care that two best friends or close friends share with each other. It may be exchanged between two girls, two boys or even one boy and girl. In friendship, the gender doesn’t matter. What decides the meaning of the coupling ring is what relation it is representing.

Purity: A couple rings are also a sign of purity. To put it in simpler words, it symbolizes the pure relation that two people share with each other. It is the symbol of the pledge that the two partners take to stay by each other’s side forever.

The relation between Couples: A couple rings also represent the relation between two lovebirds. Couple rings that are actually meant for the couples usually come as customized which means you can engrave anything you want on the band. Like for example, you can get your partner’s name engraved on the ring.

Others: Other than above mentioned meanings, a couple ring also symbolizes some other types of promises as well which may include the following:

  • Trying to get rid of a bad habit along with your partner.
  • Promise to keep each other’s secrets safe forever.
  • To mark the beginning of a new start especially at the start of a new relationship and changed lifestyle etc.
  • Promise to live together and stay by each other’s side forever.

In fact, there is no such promise that cannot be represented with the help of a couple or a promise ring. A couple rings are a special ring which is exchanged between special people. If you are planning to give a couple rings to your partner or friend make sure that you give it a deep thought before giving then the ring. The ring represents love, purity, commitment and devotion and therefore, you need to be thoughtful while giving it to someone.